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A Miraculous Shine

Denver, Colorado

From sedans to SUVs, Trucks and Vans, to houses and buildings... We Clean them ALL!

We Have You (& Your Car) Covered

The weather in Colorado is sometimes harsh. From the hot sun in summer to the snow and slush in winter, all of these scenarios can be damaging to your car's exterior. A Miraculous Shine can do wonders for your car, protecting your investment, giving it new life, and making you feel better about driving it around town.


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We can provide you with just the right level of automotive detailing that you need. Everything from a simple car wash (that comes to you) to full mobile detailing packages. Once we have your vehicle nice and shiny, we can even help you with a ceramic coating to help your car looking its best for a long time to come.

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We know that when your vehicle is not looking its best, you don't always feel good about arriving in it. We can help you arrive in style, no matter the year, make or model that you drive. We WILL make it look it's VERY BEST!

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At A Miraculous Shine, we have over 30 years of Business, Customer Experience, and Logistics experience. We know how to make your car/truck, your commercial trucks & trailers, and even your house, driveway or sidewalk look great again.

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    Verified Customer Reviews

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    Garrett Higa
    Garrett Higa
    Friendly, fast, and left the car exterior looking clean and shiny. I recommend Doug and will be a repeat customer!
    Leo Slattery
    Leo Slattery
    My truck looks great (now)! Such a great service to come to you. Thank you Doug!
    Christina Lee
    Christina Lee
    Doug was great! Good communication and made my car sparkle!
    Benson Whitney
    Benson Whitney
    The work that he did was 1/2 of what a professional does. Windows were not done properly, need to rewash Didn't even touch my sun visors? All talk.... Make sure to inspect the vehicle completely or you will spend more time and money. When I first called this individual he was trying the pay first online Game!!!! Hahaha This is Craigslist! Nice try The man is just upset because in my trade, I do Quality work. Go over with a fine tooth comb. So he missed some spots, and didn't finish. Instead of acting like a man and accepting it, you attack and judge. Look at the photos. $185 cash for 3 hours of labor is quite good. Happy New year Kind regards
    Martha Lindsley
    Martha Lindsley
    Doug did a great job detailing. The four stars is because he was late without a call letting me know.
    KC Shannon
    KC Shannon
    OUTSTANDING SERVICE! – Read This Review! I used A Miraculous Shine with Doug Miracle on 10/12/23. I chose the Silver Package as I only wanted the inside addressed. I have a 2014 Toyota Corolla with cloth seats that were in bad shape. Old stains were coming back and I created new ones! I have neglected the inside of my vehicle and was embarrassed at its condition. He made me feel comfortable about that and promised he’d do everything possible to get it back to an acceptable state. He did just that and MORE. He was focused on those stains and I was amazed at his incredible attention to all details. He saw things that I didn’t or had not noticed that he cleaned. Here’s a quick list of my experience and why you should hire him: Absolute passion, dedication and pride in his work and company. Thorough and honestly cares for his clients AND THEIR VEHICLES Communicates before the appointment and asks specific questions about the condition of your car and needs. He is definitely a “Car Guy” no matter what kind of car you have- He loves them all Very personable and easy going Extremely accommodating with scheduling and ensures you get the package you need He doesn’t try to upsell! He offers affordable prices for the value you receive This is a mobile service and he finds ways to ensure options if your garage or situation isn’t typical. Offers to go to a closer spot of your choosing if needed. Is open to additional tasks- I suggest to offer a nice tip for that extra work He worked so hard on my car- I had to tell him it was enough and he could stop. Although he said he couldn’t bring it back to new- In my opinion it is very close. He follows up to ensure you are happy with this service. I truly believe in this person and asked for extra business cards. I encouraged him to speak to my landlord.. so she could help share his information with my apartment complex and other properties. She happened to pass by and they spoke- she has some business cards as well. I get no “kick- backs” or anything like that. It’s so rare these days, especially post pandemic to receive this kind of customer service! If you’re in doubt- don’t be! I’m a real person. This is my real experience. I want everyone I know to hire him. You will not be disappointed!
    Margaret Batman
    Margaret Batman
    One of our tenants' cars was scratched by a tree pruning service and Doug did a fantastic job polishing out the scratch and detailing the car's exterior. Our tenant was very pleased. Thank you Doug!
    Michael Mattice
    Michael Mattice
    Doug arrived on time, explained what he would do and executed within the allotted time. Great work!