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A Miraculous Shine

Denver, Colorado

From sedans to SUVs, Trucks and Vans, to houses and buildings... We Clean them ALL!

We Have You (& Your Car) Covered

The weather in Colorado is sometimes harsh. From the hot sun in summer to the snow and slush in winter, all of these scenarios can be damaging to your car's exterior. A Miraculous Shine can do wonders for your car, protecting your investment, giving it new life, and making you feel better about driving it around town.


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We can provide you with just the right level of automotive detailing that you need. Everything from a simple car wash (that comes to you) to full mobile detailing packages. Once we have your vehicle nice and shiny, we can even help you with a ceramic coating to help your car looking its best for a long time to come.

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We know that when your vehicle is not looking its best, you don't always feel good about arriving in it. We can help you arrive in style, no matter the year, make or model that you drive. We WILL make it look it's VERY BEST!

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At A Miraculous Shine, we have over 30 years of Business, Customer Experience, and Logistics experience. We know how to make your car/truck, your commercial trucks & trailers, and even your house, driveway or sidewalk look great again.

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Verified Customer Reviews

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I had a great experience working with Doug! If you’re looking for the top mobile auto detailer in the Denver area, A Miraculous Shine should be your first call.
lawson pang
lawson pang
The job was done completely as promised. Everything looked beautiful. Was done faster than expected
J. G.
J. G.
Truly a miracle, Doug made my car look like brand new and he came out to us which is just a God send because I work two jobs and don't have time to breathe let alone take my car into a shop. Not only does he do wonderful work, his friendly nature made him wonderful to work with. Would highly recommend for other busy moms out there.
Kyle McBrien
Kyle McBrien
He does great work. The inside of my car was a disaster and he thoroughly cleaned everything. Very friendly and helpful.
Jessica Rodemeyer
Jessica Rodemeyer
Wow! Absolutely impressed by Doug’s professionalism and how clean my car was after he spent a good 4+ hours detailing inside and out. I will be signing up for the monthly cleaning! Thank you so much!!
Allison Davis
Allison Davis
I’m so glad I found Doug!!! He is an incredible small business owner, and I really appreciate all of his attention to detail. I honestly have not seen my car this perfect since I purchased it he is amazing with communication and expectations. He’s kind and friendly and willing to work with you. He is someone I will be doing business with for a very, very long time and recommending to everyone I talk to!!! See for yourself in the before and afters. Thank YOU for bringing my car back to life , Doug!
Cyber Gaming
Cyber Gaming
This service was fantastic and very convenient, I was out of the house all day and just left the keys in the car for home to grab when he got there. His communication was fantastic and most importantly the car itself looks fantastic! Super happy with the job done and comparatively to other detailing services I. The area, a really good price!
Josh Henley
Josh Henley
I contacted A Miraculous Shine on a Friday afternoon and had service scheduled for Sunday morning. Doug was extremely professional, communicative and did an amazing job getting our car as clean as it’s ever been since we bought it. Would highly recommend.
Rhonda Madsen
Rhonda Madsen
Doug did a great job with my Jeep Rubicon. He texted me letting me know that he was finishing up his previous job and he was on his way. He did a great job on the finders which were graying and looking dull. I was very pleased with both the inside and out. I got a referral for Doug from my employer who had him work on one of our company cars which he did a great job on also. I'm going to have him work on my Dodge Challenger next. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone!
Josiah Parsons
Josiah Parsons
Amazing service! Doug was very friendly and informative. The communication was amazing and I will absolutely use him again. I wish I had before and after photos. My car looks almost brand new!!