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Interior Detailing

To Protect and Maintain Inside your vehicle, kids, pets, smoking and normal use inflict dirt, grime and odors on the interior. Professional auto detailing on a routine basis will protect your vehicle from this damage. A Miraculous Shine, sets a new standard for auto detailing with the finest products, the best equipment and expertly trained auto detailers that work together to produce a clean, spotless car. *Price shown for small vehicle classification.


Diamond Package - Extra Deep Interior Cleaning With Basic Exterior Wash

Medium to Heavy Pet Hair Removal - ALL OF Sapphire Package PLUS - Full Odor Treatment - Fabric Protectant

$ 289

Sapphire Package – Deep Interior Cleaning With Basic Exterior Wash

Light to Medium Pet Hair Removal - ALL OF Emerald Package PLUS - Leather Cleaning / Conditioning

$ 239

Emerald Interior ONLY

Basic - NO PET HAIR REMOVAL - Vacuum, Steam & Spot Shampoo upholstry & carpets, Floor Mat power wash

$ 159

Exterior Detailing ONLY (Ala Cart)

To Protect and Maintain both inside and out, your car takes a beating out there. Whether you’ve had a recent coffee mishap, the French fries are piling up or if you’ve just parked under one too many trees, we can help. Our Complete Interior and Exterior Detailing packages will bring back the shine you crave. *Price shown for small vehicle classification.


Platinum – Exterior Only

ALL OF GOLD EXTERIOR PLUS Ceramic / Graphene Coating, Black Trim Restoration & Wheel/ Tires Cleaned

$ 289

Gold - Exterior Only

ALL OF SILVER EXTERIOR PLUS - Power washed, hand dried, H2O Guard & Gloss., Door Jams,

$ 189

Silver - Exterior Only

Basic exterior wash/ dry, wheels and tires power washed. All glass / windows washed / dried

$ 159

Ala Cart or Additional Services

Rim and Tire Cleaning

We use an Adam’s special concentrate along with agitation to take off years of road grime and break dust leaving your wheels looking fresh and clean. Don’t forget to add our wheel ceramic coating service to keep them that way for years to come. 

Headlight Restoration

Some headlights over time become dull, yellow, and oxidized. Not only an appearance problem, safety is a concern when your headlights only produce 40% of their output at night. With our multi-step process, we wet sand years of oxidation off and buff the light back to crystal clear- leaving you with the appearance of newer, brighter headlights, allowing you see what is on the road ahead of you. See much better at night!

Rock Chip Repair

Epoxy fill two rock chips, UV light for hardening, and clean all glass on your ride.

$ 69

Cigarette / Marijuana smoke odor remediation

30-60 minute Ozonation process to reduce/ remove odor

$ 99

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Leather and vinyl surfaces in vehicles can be quite susceptible to drying and cracking. This is exactly why we use a specially formulated PH balanced cleaner that can clean the leather without drying it out. Once clean, we rub a leather conditioner in that replaces the oils and moister lost over time, restoring the elasticity and softness of the leather and vinyl as well as protects it from UV damage and further cracking. Take years off the age of your car.

ODBC Check Engine Diagnostics

Running ODB Code checker on vehicle if instrument lights exist to diagnose.

$ 49

Hot Water Extraction

Help prevent your car seats from getting and staying dirty.

$ 49

Full Odor Removal Treatment

A 1-2 Combo! Adam’s Odor Bomb and Ozone treatment. An Eco-friendly Chlorine Dioxide to eliminate odors, no dangerous residue left behind. It works on all odors.   

Ozone oxidizes & breaks down odor causing bacteria and fungus at the molecular level. We seal up the car and let O3 do its magic. The O3 is circulated through your ventilation system, breaking down all the odor causing agents in the vehicle. 

Fabric Protectant

We treat your carpets and fabrics with Adam’s Fabric Protectant, which soaks into the fibers of your interior and keeps stains, moisture, and dirt from sinking in deep.